Extended Day - Program Policies

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Milford Community Use office at 508-478-1119.

Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  A non-refundable registration fee for each family new to the program is required to reserve placement in the program.  Participation in this program is expected to continue for the whole school year.  If it becomes necessary to withdraw, please see procedure below.

School Notification
After you are registered and accepted, you should send a written notification to your child’s school stating that your child will be attending Extended Day and what his/her schedule will be. The Transportation office (508-478-1133) should also be informed of your child’s participation.  The office also verifies this information.

Attendance Policy for Grades K through 5
For the safety of your child, the existing attendance policy for the Extended Day Program was established in conjunction with the principals of the elementary schools. Children are expected to walk to the cafeteria and attend the program five (5) days per week. If for any reason your child will not be attending the program, it is the responsibility of the parent to pick up their child at their school as they will not be allowed to ride any other bus home. The schools will enforce this policy as well.

This policy is to insure the safety of your child. It is sometimes difficult for young children to remember which day of the week it is, and/or where they should be going. A consistent daily schedule will help your child feel more safe and secure.

Changes in Registration and Schedule
If your child’s schedule (i.e., clubs, chorus, etc.) is going to affect attendance at Extended Day, please notify us at least one week prior to the schedule change. Please submit the notification in writing to the staff at Extended Day. A copy of the notification should also be submitted to the Milford Community Use office.

Program Withdrawal
If you need to withdraw, please provide one month’s notice in writing to the office. We provide notification of the change to all parties including your child’s school, MPS Transportation Coordinator, Vendetti Bus Company and the Extended Day Program Supervisor. Please note, we cannot guarantee a spot will be available if you decide to return at a later date.

Tuition Payment
Monthly tuition payments must be made in advance in full – prior to end of the previous month. A late fee of $15 will be charged for late payments and a $20 fee on checks returned for insufficient funds. The office does not send monthly invoices to participants.  Extended Day services will cease if payment is not received.

Click the link on the top of our Extended Day Program pages to make your online payments.  You may also copy the following link to paste in your browser:  https://unipaygold.unibank.com/customerinfo.aspx

If paying by check, please make checks payable to “Town of Milford-MCSUP.” You may mail payment to Milford Community Program, 31 West Fountain Street, Milford, MA 01757.  If you prefer, you may drop off your payment at the security kiosk inside Milford High School between the hours of 7:00 AM and 2:30 PM, and directly in our office located down the left corridor off the front lobby of Milford High School from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM.

If you send your payment through your bank account, please schedule the mailing for the 15th of the month so that it is received in our office prior to the first of the month.

Payments are not to be given to program supervisors.

If you require receipts to claim funds for your flexible spending account, we ask that you make a request in writing.  You may email Laura Krovocheck in our office at lkrovocheck@milfordma.com and she will return an email with your receipt attached.  Alternately, you may send a self-addressed envelope if you require an original signed receipt.  Please indicate what is required in your original request to our office.  We will accommodate these requests as soon as we can.

For tax purposes, a total of payments made for the calendar year will be mailed or emailed to the parent/guardian after the end of the year.  Please allow a few weeks for this task to be completed.

If your child will not be attending Extended Day on a regularly scheduled day, you must inform the staff either the previous night at pick-up or by contacting the Extended Day staff at your school before 2 pm.

You must contact Extended Day program directly. Your child’s school does NOT automatically notify us when a child is absent.  Please see telephone numbers and email addresses below.

Illness while at Extended Day
If your child is ill in any way, i.e. temperature, sore throat, etc., he or she should NOT attend Extended Day.

If your child becomes ill during Extended Day, you will be contacted and asked to pick up your child immediately.

For illness and other reasons, we must be able to reach you in case of emergency. Parents must provide us with current home and work numbers as well as cell phone and other emergency numbers. Please be sure to notify us when your numbers have changed.

We do not have a nurse available at Extended Day and our staff is not permitted to give medication. Children who need medication during this time must be able to administer it themselves. You must also provide a doctor’s note.

Special needs accommodations
If your child has special needs which require accommodations, please call our office to discuss your situation.

Time is allotted each day for your child to work on his or her homework. We provide a quiet supervised area for children to do their homework.

Every effort will be made to provide general assistance and to answer questions, but because of the number of children attending Extended Day, we are not able to provide one-on-one help. If you have any questions, please check with the supervisor.

No Toys Policy
Due to problems encountered with toys lost, stolen and broken, we ask that you NOT send your child in with a toy from home. This includes all toys including cell phones, pokemon cards, electronics and Lego sets.

Sign Out Policy
To ensure your child’s safety, parents and guardians are required to sign out their children. The sign out book will be stationed at the table in the cafeteria of your Extended Day school.

If someone other than the authorized adults is picking up your child, you must notify our staff in writing beforehand. This person will need to show some form of picture identification.

If you have any special circumstances regarding pick up, (i.e, restraining orders, estranged spouses, etc.) please be sure to inform our staff.

We take this policy very seriously. Please do not ask your child to sign out for you.

Late Pick Up
All children must be picked up no later than 6 pm. After 6 pm, you will charged $1 per minute for the time you are late.

Snow Policies
On snow days,when regular school is cancelled due to a snow storm or other emergency, the PM Extended Day programs  WILL NOT BE HELD .

For our Severe Weather Policy, we adhere to the decision of the Superintendent of Milford Public Schools for our protocol.  When an impending storm or other emergency is upon us and the Superintendent’s decision is made to cancel all after school activities, the Extended Day programs will close at 4:00 PM.  You will be notified through email by noon time regarding the closing and will be advised to pick up  your child on or before that time.  We ask that you notify the office of any change in email address through the school year.

If you are not able to pick up your child by 4:00 PM, you  must make specific plans with a local emergency contact who is able to come and get your child.  Please be sure we have  your emergency contact information and updated phone numbers in case it is necessary to reach you.

There may be instances when a half day early dismissal due to weather is decided in advance and all PM Extended Day programs are CANCELLED.  In these situations, all PM Extended Day participants who are bus students may take the bus home at dismissal.  All PM Extended Day students who are walkers will be released according to their school’s procedure.  To assist school staff and in accordance with each school’s dismissal policy, parents are asked to send a note to school with the child’s dismissal plan for that day and bus number if applicable.

On snow days, when regular school is cancelled due to a snow storm or other emergency, the AM Extended Day program WILL NOT BE HELD . On days when there is a DELAY, the before-school program will be delayed for the same amount of time as the school opening delay.

Behavior policies
The Extended Day staff recognizes that children enrolled in this program will come with varied interests, skills, abilities and needs. In an effort to provide an environment that is safe, supportive and creative for each child, students are asked to be considerate of others, cooperative and courteous while at Extended Day. Children should understand that:

1. Running, yelling and rough-housing are outside activities.
2. Courtesy toward each other and the staff is expected. “Excuse me,” “Please” and “Thank you” are important and expected.
3. Use of the equipment, toys and classrooms at Extended Day is a privilege. Toys should be picked up and put away when play is finished. Equipment should be used appropriately and safely.
4. It is expected that children will follow directions and respond to the requests of those in charge (this includes teachers, aides and high school helpers).
5. Extended Day rules (regarding signing in, use of the playground, restroom, etc.) must be followed in order to ensure each child’s safety and to allow for the orderly functioning of the program.

It is important that parents not only understand these behavior expectations but that they support them and reinforce them with their children.

Children who are unable to follow the rules of the Extended Day program will be excused from the program.

Thank you.

Donna Purtell
PM at Brookside Supervisor
(508) 889-2694

Susan Salvucci
AM at Brookside Supervisor
(508) 634-2366

Melissa Bell
AM at Memorial Supervisor
(774) 256-4144

Sara Costigan
PM at Memorial Supervisor
(774) 256-4144

Emily Bloomstein
PM at Woodland Supervisor
(508) 889-2533

Erin Shea
AM at Woodland Supervisor
(508) 889-2533

Vicky Houston
Stacy Supervisor
(508) 850-6258

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