Water Fitness

Classes take place at the Milford High School indoor pool and run throughout the year with occasional breaks for school vacations and other holidays. For participants who have trouble with pool ladders, the pool is equipped with a pool ramp for easy access into and out of the pool. We encourage all participants to wear water shoes.

About Water Aerobics
Water aerobics classes are offered to adults of all ages on mostly Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:15-7:15 pm. Classes are open to residents and non-residents alike.

All exercises take place in the shallow end of the pool so no swimming skills are required. Newcomers may join at anytime.

Water exercise is similar to land-based exercise such as walking, jogging and cross country skiing, but it holds special benefits: Water offers support for the joints, it adds resistance without impact and water magically delivers a sense of well being.

It is a wonderful environment for exercising, losing weight and relaxing. Everyone is encouraged to exercise and move at his or her own pace.

Many people use water aerobics as part of their therapy when recovering an injury or surgery.

Each class includes thermal warm-up stretching, a 30-minute aerobic routine, toning and cool down stretching.

Water Aerobics Costs

  • Water Aerobics is $5 Resident/Nonresident per visit – and you pay as you go.
  • The cost of a Season Pass is: $160 Resident, $175 Nonresident. Season passes can be used at Water Aerobics and Aqua Boot Camp classes.


About Deep Water Aerobics
Are you training for a 5K, avid cyclist, or looking to add variety to your regular exercise routines??

Water workouts enable you to exercise without the jarring and jolting you are subjected to on land. While running or jogging is considered a high-impact exercise, running or jogging in the shallow end of a pool is low impact, and deepwater exercise offers virtually no impact. You get all of the normal benefits of an aerobic workout — a stronger heart and more stamina, increased flexibility and range of motion, improved coordination and balance, enhanced mood — with much less risk of injury. And if you are recovering from an injury, the buoyancy of the water enables you to exercise with less chance of re-injury.

All participants wear a flotation belt to keep you afloat and your back vertical. Aqua dumbells and noodles will also be used.

Deep Water Aerobics Costs

  • Deep Water Aerobics is $30 Resident/Nonresident for a 6 week session. Session dates will be determined and advertised on our online Activity Registration page.


About Aqua Boot Camp
A super-charged workout that takes many land cardio training techniques to the water for a fat-blasting, high-intensity cardio routine that is much less impact on your body and joints because of the water’s buoyancy. Interval and plyometric shallow routines are combined with resistance pool dumbbells and noodles training techniques to make this the ultimate exercise program effective for everyone – especially those that are fittest individuals.

A simple Yoga stretching routine at the end of the workout will help increase flexibility and balance. For beginners or participants with specific medical conditions or injuries, modifications will be provided.

Aqua Boot Camp Costs

  • Aqua Boot Camp is $5 Resident/Nonresident per visit – and you pay as you go.
  • Classes will be run sporadically.

For more information, contact Peter Filosa, Pool Manager, at 508-478-1129 (leave message on machine) or the Community Use Office at 508-478-1119.

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