Biddy Basketball Program - Fall/Winter

The Biddy Basketball League is an in-town basketball program open to all boys and girls in Grades 2-8 regardless of ability or experience. Teams are organized by grade. Boys and Girls will play in separate leagues. This is a 10-game season that runs from the first Saturday of December until the second week of February.


Saturday games:
All games are played on Saturdays between 8 AM & 6 PM. Game times are scheduled on the hour and vary each week. A full schedule will be provided at the beginning of the season.

T-shirts will be provided and should be worn to each game. Players should wear shorts and sneakers.

Players are asked NOT to bring their own basketballs or valuables from home to games and practices. All necessary equipment will be provided.

Please note: In case of a game day cancellation due to inclement weather every effort will be made to make up the games. Cancelled practices will not be made up.


Free Clinics:
In an effort to get players excited about the season, we will be offering free clinics prior to the Biddy Basketball season. This offers potential new players the chance to try out the sport and veteran players an opportunity to get on the court! All participants will need to complete the registration portion of this flyer. Participants will not be allowed to participate without a signed form. Please click here to register online.

Free Clinic Dates: Monday October 1, 2018.

Girls Grades 3 & 4: 5-6 PM @ Stacy Middle School Gym

Girls Grades 5 & 6: 6-7 PM @ Stacy Middle School Gym

Girls Grades 7 & 8: 7-8 PM @ Stacy Middle School Gym

Boys Grades 3 & 4: 6-7 PM @ Woodland Elementary School Gym

Boys Grades 5 & 6: 7-8 PM @ Woodland Elementary School Gym

Boys Grades 7 & 8: 8-9 PM @ Woodland Elementary School Gym


Practice schedule:
Practice schedules have been developed for each grade level except for second grade.  Your coach will give you the time and location of your practice. Please note:  Practices scheduled on school holidays will not be held that week. Cancelled practices will not be made up.


Age appropriate rules:
The league is designed to introduce the game of basketball at various levels depending on the grade level.

Click for rules and regulations
Rules – Biddy 3 & 4
Rules – Biddy 5 – 8


Team Selection:
Teams are selected with every effort to create balanced teams. As a result we are not able to take team requests. We will use the ranking system below to guide player placement.

1- Played Travel or AAU basketball for many years

2 – New to Travel or AAU basketball

3 – Played Biddy previously

4 – Never played basketball before

We aim to keep teams roster at a maximum of ten players to allow ample playing time.  Players will be contacted with regards to team placement. All players will be placed on a team.


League Structure and Schedules:

 Grade 2 – Instructional only – no regulation games will be played

– This division is designed to develop fundamental skills needed to participate in a regulation basketball game. Skills include dribbling, shooting, ball handling and passing. An emphasis on teamwork and social skills will be encouraged.

2 Boys Biddy Game Schedule
2 Girls Biddy Game Schedule

Grade 3/4 – Competitive with Modifications

– This division is designed to introduce the game of basketball to developing players. The first scheduled game will consist of instructional drills and game scenarios. The following games will consist of competitive play coupled with modifications and instruction when necessary.

3-4 Boys Biddy Game Schedule
3-4 Girls Biddy Game Schedule

Grade 5/6 – Competitive

– This division will allow for full competitive play following Biddy Basketball rules. Safe and responsible play will be encouraged. Referees will have the final say.

5-6 Boys Biddy Game Schedule
5-6 Girls Biddy Game Schedule

Grade 7/8 – Competitive

– This division will allow for full competitive play following Biddy Basketball rules. Safe and responsible play will be encouraged. Fouls will be called and can result in disqualifications. Referees will have the final say.

7-8 Boys Biddy Game Schedule
7-8 Girls Biddy Game Schedule


Registration Information:

Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. There will be no refunds. Due to the number of children in the program a position cannot be guaranteed after the deadline of November 5, 2018.

We want to accommodate everyone so please register early! We need to have our final numbers in place before we organize the teams, assign coaches, order t-shirts and schedule practices and games. Late arrivals make this very difficult. Late registrations will be accepted but only if space is available. We cannot guarantee placement for late registrations.

You can register online, by mail or in person.

  • To register online, visit our Online Registration Page.  You can pay by credit card, debit card or electronic check.
  • To register by mail or in person, visit our Registration Forms Page to download the appropriate registration form. You can pay be check or cash.


Coaches needed!
The success of our basketball program depends largely on parents/guardians willing to help us by coaching. If you know the game, even only a bit, and want to have fun while helping the community, please consider volunteering to coach. You may even opt to coach with another parent to share duties.

We receive a large number of applications from high school students volunteering to coach. We would like to give parents and guardians the opportunity to coach their child’s team before assigning high school students.

Your commitment involves a one-hour Saturday game (at various times) and a one-hour practice at a designated day and time during the week.

Step to Register

  1. Click here to sign up on-line to be a Biddy Basketball coach
  2. Click “Click for Activities”
  3. Click “Kids – Fall”
  4. Click “Boys Biddy Basketball” or “Girls Biddy Basketball”
  5. Click “Boys Biddy Basketball Coach” or “Girls Biddy Basketball Coach”

Please note: Coaching applicants 18 years and older  must undergo a background check by completing a CORI form.


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