Biddy Basketball Program - Fall/Winter

In-Town Basketball for Grades 2-8

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The BIDDY BASKETBALL LEAGUE is an in-town basketball program sponsored by the Milford Community School Use Program.

The league is open to all boys and girls in Grades 2-8 regardless of ability or experience. Teams are organized by grade. Boys and Girls will play in separate leagues. Every effort is made to keep one grade level per league, but depending on the numbers, we sometimes have to combine grades.

This is a 10-game season that runs from early December up to February vacation.

Saturday games
All games are played on Saturdays between 8 AM & 6 PM. Game times are scheduled on the hour and vary each week. A full schedule will be provided at the beginning of the season.

Team tee-shirts are provided. Players should wear shorts and sneakers. Players are asked NOT to bring their own basketballs.

Practice schedule
Practice schedules have been developed for each grade level.  Your coach will give you the time and location of your practice.

Please note:  Practices scheduled on school holidays will not be held that week.


Grade 2 – no practice
Grade 3 – no practice
Grade 4 – Thursdays
Grade 5 – Thursdays
Grade 6 – Thursdays
Grade 7 – Thursdays
Grade 8 – Thursdays


Grade 2 – no practice
Grade 3 – Mondays
Grade 4 – Mondays
Grade 5 – Wednesdays
Grade 6 – Wednesdays
Grade 7 – Wednesdays
Grade 8 – Wednesdays

Age appropriate rules:
The league is designed to introduce the game of basketball at various levels depending on the grade level. Grades 2 and 3 are more instructional with lower nets and smaller basketballs while the older grades are more competitive with regulation balls and net heights.

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Grades 2-3
Grades 4-8 

Team Placement:
Teams are selected by the coaches with every effort to create balanced teams. For Grades 4-8 only, a one-hour team placement practice is held for each grade level to give coaches a chance to observe player abilities.

Click on your grade for dates, times, costs, team placement date and registration info.

Grade 2 Girls Boys
Grade 3 Girls Boys
Grade 4 Girls Boys
Grade 5 Girls Boys
Grade 6 Girls Boys
Grade 7 Girls Boys
Grade 8 Girls Boys

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Registration Deadline:
Please register early. We need to have our final numbers in place before we organize the teams, order tee-shirts and schedule the games. Late arrivals make this very difficult. Late registrations will be accepted but only if space is available. We cannot guarantee placement for late registrations.


Biddy Basketball Registration Form


Coaches needed!
The success of our basketball program depends largely on parents willing to be a head coach or assistant coach. No experience is needed. Your commitment involves a one-hour Saturday game (at various times) and a one-hour practice (at a designated day and time during the week – scheduled at your convenience if possible).


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Coaching applicants 18 years and older  must undergo a background check by completing a CORI Form

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