Travel Basketball

Milford Travel Basketball is open to boys and girls from grades 4 through 8.

Tryouts take place in the month of September.

Players are selected to participate by the coaches based largely on skill level, while roster size can range anywhere from 10-15 based on the coach’s fit or need.

All Milford travel teams compete in the Metrowest League, which offers both home and road games against many nearby and surrounding towns. Metrowest League information can be found on their website,

Each team practices twice a week and all regular season games within league play occur at various times on Sundays.

The season as a whole ranges from early November to late February.

* Click on Kid’s Fall Programs, then “Travel Basketball League” for tryout information.

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Water Aerobics will not be held on the following dates:  May 8, May 10, & May 15th.

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