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The Milford Community School Use Program was organized in 1974 to provide the opportunity for the children, youth, adults and elderly to use the town’s school buildings when school is not in session.

Over the years, we have provided a wide range of education, athletic, cultural and civic programs to both residents and non-residents of Milford.


The mission of the Milford Community School Use Program is to provide a well-balanced program of activities, courses and programs to meet the varying needs and interests of the local residents.

To ensure that programs are meeting the needs of our residents, we are constantly evaluating, revising and improving programs.

We also continually try to expand the program. New ideas are always welcome. If you have a suggestion for a new program, please contact our office at 508-478-1119.

To promote our programs, we rely extensively on our website and email (using Constant Contact). On occasion, we also distribute flyers and catalogs through the schools and directly into the home. We also get newspaper articles and other notices published in the Milford Town Crier and Upton-Mendon Town Crier. Information is also carried over My FM Radio 101.3.


The Milford Community School Use Program budget is entirely self-supporting. Every effort is made to ensure that the cost of each program is supported by the fees it generates. This is a carefully monitored program.


The Milford Community School Use Program committee is comprised of nine members appointed for a three-year term. Members represent the entire community. Three members each are appointed by the Board of Selectmen, School Committee and the Town Moderator. Openings available contact the MCSUP Program Director  Jim Ligor. He can be reached 508-478-1119 or via email jligor@milfordma.com.

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