Adult/High School Tennis Ladder Tournament

Tennis players – grab your rackets.

Milford Community School Use Program sponsors a town-wide tennis “ladder” tournament for adults and high school players.

The tournament begins in the late spring and continues throughout the summer.  Please register now to guarantee your spot.  When filling out the registration form, please indicate if you intend to play singles or doubles.  If playing doubles, include your partners name.  Your partner must fill out a registration form as well.

Here are the details:

Eligibility: All adults and student players from high school age and up. Male and female players will compete in the same tournament.  Doubles and Singles will be offered.

Skill Level: All skill levels, including beginners, are welcome. If we have enough participants, we will run separate ladders based on experience level.

Registration: To register offline, please print out a registration form or pick up a form at the Community Use office inside Milford High School. Students under 18 years of age will need a parent/guardian signature. To register online, please click here to be directed to our Activity Registration page. Once there please Click for Activities > Adult Summer > Tennis.

Registration Fee: Registration is $10 per person, per program. For example if you are playing both singles and doubles, the cost will be $20.  Paid by exact cash, check or money order when registering offline. You can register in person or mail to Milford Community Use Program, 31 Fountain Street, Milford, MA 01757.

Questions: Call the office at 508-478-1119 or email us .

How the ladder works

  • A ladder tournament is a common tournament structure for tennis competition.
  • The tournament begins by placing all players on individual rungs of the ladder. The goal is to reach the top rung.
  • As the tournament progresses, players are able to challenge individual players above them on the ladder. (Players may not challenge players below them on the ladder.) When players win, they move up. When they lose, they move down.
  • Challenging players must take responsibility for contacting their opponents. Games are scheduled at the convenience of both players. Players are expected to compete once a week.  If you cannot play during the week, you forfeit.
  • At the end of each match, results are sent into the tournament director for updates.
  • New updated ladders will be re-posted once a week.
  • If you have any questions, contact the office at 508-478-1119.

Rules and format

  • Match scheduling
    1. One match must be scheduled and played during the course of each match week.
    2. A match week runs from Monday through Sunday.
  • Reporting results
    1. All results from that week’s matches must be submitted to the Tennis Ladder Coordinator no later than Sunday at 8:00 pm. Results must be submitted by email to the coordinator at   Click here to report results now.
    2. Both players are responsible for reporting the results to the coordinator by email. This ensures an accurate reporting process. Please do NOT leave it the other player.
    3. New ladders will be emailed by the Tennis Ladder Coordinator by Monday at 4 PM.
  • Challenging and scheduling matches
    1. Players will challenge players who are directly above them on the ladder. We will alternate ODD challenges EVEN one week and EVEN challenges ODD the following week
    2. Challenging players can find contact information for all players on the ladder that is emailed each week.
    3. Challenging players should make contact with their opponent early in the week to give them time to schedule and play their match before the end of the week.
    4. Players may schedule their match at any time or location at the convenience of both players.
    5. The match challenger is responsible for providing the balls for the match.
    6. Every effort should be made to play the challenged match within the seven-day match week period.
  • Scoring
    1. Match can be either a 10 game pro set or 2 out of 3 sets. The number of games/sets is to be agreed upon prior to the start of the match.
    2. You must win the set by two games. The set is not considered complete if the score is 6-5 in a six game set or 10-9 in a ten game pro set.
    3. Players will decide before match begins whether you will play no Ad games (Once a game reaches 40-40, the receiving team decides whether to play a final point in the deuce or ad court, and the outcome of that point decides the game.
  • Tie breakers
    1. If score is 10-10games (pro set) OR 1-1 sets (2out of 3 sets) a 10 point tie breaker will determine the winner.10 point tie breaker. The player or team whose turn it is to serve, serves the first point of the tiebreaker. The next two points are then served by the opposing player or team. From then on each player or team alternates serving two points until the end of the tiebreaker. Players change ends of the court after the first point and then after every six points.Points are simply scored 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. The first player or team to win 10 points by a two-point margin wins the match. If the score in the match tiebreaker becomes tied at 10 points, play continues until a player or team has a two-point lead

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